Fiery Spirit - Brian Henriquez's Scion FRS

Posted by Hoang Pham on

When I first started the website back on wordpress last year, one of the main goals was obviously to write articles about car culture and mostly the east coast's contribution that continuously evolves the culture as we know it. Back then, I was only focused on “finished” and “true” builds, but then I realized that this is my website, and I can write about whatever subject/topic I wanted to. So I decided that I wanted to write about my friend’s cars too, showcasing their mods and also the little details (if any) that they’ve done that no one else ever notices. Even if it's not perfect of my "ideal" build, everyone deserves a little spotlight (okay, not EVERYONE but just builds that I really admire).

The first car that I wanted to write about was Brian Henriquez’s 2015 Scion FRS. I’ve been good friends with Brian for a while now and believe it or not, this is actually his FIRST car, and the story of how he got it sounded like it was destiny.


“So my dad was in the market for something cool and sporty but cheap. So I mentioned the 86 and brz to him and finally convinced him to get the 86. So he picked it up the week after and had the car for 6 months, and through that whole entire time I was in the market for a s13 hatch, and couldn’t find a clean cheap one. Eventually my dad ended offering me to take over the 86s payments since he felt like it was too small for him and wanted a truck instead. So I gave it a good thought and decided to take over the payments instead since I took into consideration that the car was going to be way more reliable than a 240. Fast forward to now and I’ve owned the car for almost 3 years now.”

 While the car is glorious in its stock form, Brian knew that he wouldn’t be able to leave the car alone, so the first mods ensued… 

He started off with the suspension, equipping BC Racing Type BR coilovers to drop the car significantly. A few months after, he bought a set of Work CR-Kais in spec 18x8.5 +38 & 18x9 +38 that were originally black chrome. Brian later painted the wheels silver that greatly compliments the firestorm red color of the FRS.

While the outside looks good, Brian didn't leave the interior untouched either, equipping a TOMS steering wheel and shift knob along with some red checkered floor mats. I like that each addition complimented with the rest of the car and nothing looks like it "doesn't belong there". Pretty fitting.

But besides the big mods, I think Brian had more fun with the smaller mods that brings the FRS to his spec with one of his favorite mods being the turn signal mod. 

“it does some pretty cool stuff like cool strobe light effects, can change the blinking speed of your turn signals, also has an option where the turn signals will stay on for a certain amount of time after you get out of the car when you’re in dark spots, which is perfect because my LED turn signals are so bright and probably give everybody small epileptic seizures.”

When the FRS/BRZ first launched back in 2013, I had REALLY wanted one. Till this day, I still want one, and honestly if I did have one, it would look a lot similar to how Brian had modified his. It’s a pure street cruiser, midnight wanderer.

“At first I didn’t really have much of a goal but once the second year came around of owning the car I decide that I wanted to make it something with a very strong drift style. I wanted it to be really simple and clean..."
But he doesn't regret his path in style at all. The car is his overall vision, and if not, it's part of a huge vision that would evolve over time.
"I feel like I definitely like the route that I've gone with and I'm so glad I didn't end up cutting up the fenders and slapping a rocket bunny kit on."
Brian has a lot of future plans for his FRS, which obviously includes being a wheel whore, getting subframe and diff risers, and a header along with a tune. Ocourse, no car/build will ever be finished, but I like how he’s progressively modding the car, continuing to add his own personal touch and most of all, having fun with it along the way, and that’s what cars are all about right?

Ending photos by Brian Henriquez. Thank you for letting me shoot and write about your car, but better yet, being a cool humble guy (i still hate/love/hate lance though).