To the Nights when we Crave the Drive...

Posted by Hoang Pham on

So I'm pretty sure that I just suck at keeping things updated regularly for the site and I just wanted to start up by apologizing for that. I've been very busy behind the scenes working on designs for the next upcoming drop, and if you follow me on Instagram (@midnightrush_hoang), that is the absolute best way to stay updated with everything merch related because I'm always on Instagram 24/7. It's actually coming very soon and I'll be writing another post about it this week once I get all the details ready for the pre-order, but for now, I'll just tell you that these next designs will be very limited (as in 25 only will be made in a certain color kinda limited). 

On this post, I wanted to showcase another member of MNR's work; Brian Henriquez. I wrote a post about his car on the site earlier this year but he is also a talented photographer as well. His editing style is very different and distinct, something that often many photographer purists are not too fond of. That is what I love though - even if there are people who don't like his photos, he still shoots within the same style that he's grown accustomed to, because it is what fits his vision the best, not what everyone likes. I just absolutely had to showcase this set because he did a fantastic job at not only the panning shots, but the detail shots as well!

But enough of me talking. Here are some of my favorite shots that Brian took that night.

IG: @yoyosupmang aka tomatoglasses

These detail shots that Brian took are on point!
IG: @joeflacco_

Hope you guys enjoy and more content coming soon for both the site and on our IG!

Words by Hoang Pham
Instagram: @midnightrush_hoang

Photos by Brian Henriquez
Instagram: @hownottozn6